Creative Direction, Photography, Interation Design

As part of the Windows 10 release, I set out on a mission to find the images that would ship to billions of Windows devices. I collaborated with three artists/photographers to capture Windows’ mission—to empower people to do great things—through their imagery. 


GMUNK—director, designer, photographer, provocateur—was among those chosen to create artwork. He and I, along with Windows’ Brand Studio, developed the hero images for Windows 10 products and marketing campaigns.


Chad Copeland

I joined action/adventure photographer Chad Copeland on his exhilarating photography exploits—in the air, through jungles, up volcanoes, even underwater—to capture images for the project. Here, he’s captured Curtis, a spear fisherman, off the coast of Maui.

Chad Copeland-1000-4_v02_2
Chad Copeland-2002_2
Chad Copeland-2004_2
Chad Copeland-2006_2
Chad Copeland-2007_2
Chad Copeland-2000_2
Chad Copeland-2001_2
Great Getu Arch, Chad Copeland
Chad Copeland-2008_2

Look! There’s me riding down a ridge of Haleakala Volcano. Not bad for a day’s work.

Steve McCurry

Steve took a bunch of inspiring photos in New Zealand. I sorted through them all, narrowing down the shots that would work best with Windows’ products and device requirements.

I took this photo of a runner, which was then edited into one of Steve’s shots. It became the hero image/default background on all new Windows’ PCs.

Retouched by Ekaterina Savtsova 02/04/2015
Retouched by Ekaterina Savtsova 02/05/2015


s_cc_62_Artboard 46.png.044
s_cc_62_Artboard 46.png.046
s_cc_62_Artboard 46.png.045
s_cc_62_Artboard 46.png.049
s_cc_62_Artboard 46.png.053
s_cc_62_Artboard 46.png.050


Windows lets users customize their experience on any Windows device—and the options are limitless. As part of the imagery project, I helped define the interaction design and personalization strategy across the OS. I also optimized shots to work across multiple formats and Start Menu configurations, from mobile screens to high-resolution monitors.

Artboard 1@4x
Artboard 6 copy@4x
Artboard 7@4x
Artboard 8@4x